Tata Pravesh’s #DoorwayToGreen

I stumbled on this web film by Tata Pravesh, a brand from Tata Steel that makes steel doors with wood finish and windows via an alumni Whatsapp group.

Found out that it was conceptualized by J Walter Thompson, Kolkata and directed by Aditya Vikram Sengupta, and was released for World Environment Day in 2018 (which I missed back then, obviously).

Having seen a lot of films like this that has actors do things as naturally as possible to give an illusion of being ‘real’, I was initially amused by the over-acting by some of the adults to make it seem like they are genuinely in the dark about what’s going on and why.

When the kids come in, I could imagine the rest of the film and the thought – obvious enough. As soon as the film ended, my first thought was, “C’mon! How are they supposed to know that someone else is also going to use them? Had they been told that they would have been careful with their usage!”

And then, another thought, almost immediately: “Pencils and crayons can be produced in unlimited quantities! How can they be compared with limited resources in Earth?”.

These were impulsive thoughts. A few seconds later, I was questioning myself over those thoughts – who will tell people to use Earth’s resources more consciously and carefully? Will nature do it? Of course, it will, but not gently and politely – it can only tell us by way of warnings when things are at peril. It’s our job, as an intelligent and sapient species, to observe and act accordingly.

And is anything really ‘unlimited’ in planet Earth? Everything has a cost and uses resources, including the production of pencils and crayons, for that matter. The trouble we are in with our environment now is that we thought a lot of things were unlimited and went on an overindulgent spree.

If anything was really unlimited, it was our collective greed.

If anything has to be really unlimited, it is our empathy for the planet and the species in it, including flora and fauna… and our consciousness and observational skills about how we are impacting the planet.

A brilliant film that made me think and question myself, despite the fact that I was able to predict the point long before it ended. The simple metaphor used in the script really hits home as something that makes you think from the perspective of the next (and every subsequent) generation.

From the point of view of a steel+wood doormaker, does the film make any sense? In other words, would you be compelled to remember the film as coming from a door-making brand? Personally for me – unlikely. I’m more likely to remember the film’s message and perhaps forget the brand behind it as time goes by. That’s a success for the film’s script and intent, and not necessarily for the brand that bankrolled the film.



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