Deepika Padukone’s tuti-phuti commentary is a #win for Lloyd!

The latest Lloyd TV ad featuring ‘power couple’ Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh is definitely one of the better-scripted ones I have seen. I didn’t like the earlier one (Lloyd air conditioner) as much as the new one for the TV range from Lloyd.

The A/C ad was routine couple banter with the product acting as the catalyst to bring them together after a nok-jhok. But the TV ad goes far, far beyond in the banter. The banter is not about them, but about the match, and that’s the perfect context for the World Cup.

That part about Ranveer not wanting to see the match because he may jinx it by watching is so very relatable – I’m sure we’ve all done that many, many times. To see THE Ranveer Singh indulge in that (even if it is just acting) is particularly affecting.

When Deepika offers that she bought the TV after a lot of research because Ranveer wanted ‘stadium-like feel’, that’s an excellent context for us to crave for a similar product.

The clincher of the ad hinges on 2 things.

One, when Deepika’s self-effacing confession, “You have only my broken commentary in your luck”. Your mind then goes, ‘Wait, this is THE DEEPIKA PADUKONE saying her commentary is broken! No way!’.

As if picking the cue from our mind-voice, Ranveer’s line, “Arrey, Deepika Padukone ki exclusive commentary sun ne ko mil rahi hai mujhe, iss se accha naseeb ho sakta hai kisi ka?” literally makes every man (in India) sigh and appreciate the couple’s bonding!

While the a/c ad calls for attention towards the air conditioner’s features explicitly, the TV ad does it beautifully subtly. The narrative is given priority and the couple’s expressions and reactions do the selling. And because of this shift in priority, you tend to recall the ad a lot more – particularly the way Ranveer delivers that line of his. I know they are acting, but because they are a real life couple, even that acting lands very well.

Excellent work by Mullen Lowe! Directed by Badhaai Ho-fame Amit Sharma, incidentally.

However (there’s always a ‘however’!), while the communication from Lloyd to the audience is all cutesy and memorable, the feedback from people, back to Lloyd is a mix of sentiments.

It is thoroughly interesting to observe more ‘cho cuteeee’ type comments below the Lloyd video on Instagram and Twitter, and a complete bloodbath for the brand on Facebook!

The contrast is really, really awkward – under the Facebook post where this video is shared by the brand, there’s one complaint after another and the brand is seen to be assuaging them as best as it can. But the negative feedback is relentless. If this is a larger trend (“If”), that is, Facebook evoking more negativity (while I thought Twitter is the platform that usually evokes negativity to this extent!), then brands may perhaps want to skip using it regularly.



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