Ford Endeavour’s Verito Man moment

The new Ford Endeavour ad that premiered yesterday during the India vs. South Africa match made me sit up immediately.

Watch the ad here:

First, it took me back to Mahindra Verito’s 2011 campaign featuring Jimmy Shergill. Called ‘Verito Man’, the ads showed Jimmy using his intelligence and wit to deal with trouble makers on the road, in cars.

My first reaction, back then, to that series was, ‘No way! Jimmy would get punched in his face for this’.

Then, with the Verito Vibe, Mahindra sobered up and showed a Verito Vibe car driver letting a kid, with his dad on the scooter, overtake their car.

The new Ford Endeavour ad is closer to the Verito Vibe feel, but it goes several steps ahead. It actually has 2 Dilli-Munde style dudes contemplating whether to follow the errant car before them or not! This goes completely against reality, where the dudes would start the chase with zero thought.

I fully realize that the ad shows the right way to deal with the situation.

But, like my reaction to Verito Man, this narrative is a fantasy that usually is reserved only for advertising. In a way, the narrative questions the masculinity of the core target audience of such muscular SUVs. If Ford Endeavour is targeting men who have evolved from their Neanderthal behavior, then this makes perfect sense. Just that… are there enough of them to go after?



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