Apple at work, the round pizza box and a missed opportunity

The new ‘Apple at Work’ film makes for an interesting watch for more than one reason.

The obvious reason is why this film was put together in the first place – to showcase the range of office‘ish work you can perform on a multitude of Apple devices – laptops, tablets, phones… and the occasional Sir call-out on any of those devices to do things for you (here setting an alarm).

There’s seamless movement of images and documents between devices and there is also free-style sketching that is turned into decent-looking visuals, showcase of AirDrop, and 3D prototyping…all on Apple devices. Very good showcase, overall.

There’s a lot of quirky humor in the script that keeps it consistently interesting.

The best part though is the ending. Do the underdogs win? Do they ace their presentation and move out of the floor? That is left to your imagination and that makes the video more interesting.

But what also seems left out in the process is the potential use of Apple tools and devices to make the presentation! Like the use of AirPlay to beam the file from a tablet to a large screen, the standard annoyance before any presentation in any office! I was surprised Apple did not venture into the use of its products in a big presentation!

The other interesting point in the film is the core idea: the round pizza box. It seems outlandish and you wonder why no one else has thought of the round pizza box. But they have! Apple actually has a patent on the design and has apparently even used it in its cafeteria!



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