Beer advertising evolves – from outright sexist to Charlize Theron!

Beer advertising has a fairly rich history. Rich history in targeting only men, and in objectifying women, that is. Here is a sequence, to showcase the range and evolution. (There is good news at the end of this post, relax).

Fully man-focused; women are incidental:

Outright sexist (there are tons of such examples; lot more than the other genres listed here):

Mildly objectifying women:

Somewhat objectifying women, yet women are shown to be drinking beer:

Fully objectifying women, yet they show a woman drinking beer:

Not objectifying women, but funny:

Not objectifying women, and women drinking beer:

Women are in the background, for token inclusivity:

When this Coors ad was launched, their PR went on an overdrive selling the ‘concept’ of their new ad! Here’s the New York Times: Beer Ads That Portray Women as Empowered Consumers, Not Eye Candy.

But then, Bud Light soon offered, ‘Hold my beer’ to Coors.

Equal representation:

Post that ad for Bud Light, here’s Budweiser heralding a new path for beer advertising. It has a woman in the lead and she completely rules over beer’s traditional target audience: men! Oh, and that woman happens to be Charlize Theron.

We have indeed come a long way! I just hope men won’t be offended with this advertisement because you see, Charlize Theron trounces the men in the commercial, who have long been the target audience and protagonists of beer commercials!

Just like how Gillette has been marketed as a man’s product, beer has been a man’s drink for a very long time, as far as advertising is concerned. And just like how some men were offended with the Gillette ad that put down toxic masculinity, here’s Bud and Charlize Theron, together, putting down boorish masculinity!



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