I wonder why I got it, like the rest of the world. I mean, this mail from Myntra.


I didn’t open the app during the sale days; wasn’t interested in it either. Even ignored all their in-app messages and notifications all through. In that case, do I need an apology mail?

How would you react if Big Bazaar sent you a mail apologizing for the fact that you were not able to enter their store during a sale they advertised on page 1 of The Times of India… even if you hadn’t even considered venturing into that store during the sale?

But Big Bazaar cannot have any process to know/identify the people who tried to enter the store, find their email ID and then mail only them, besides the people who were inside.

Myntra can. Why? Because they have only one store – on the app! And the app is connected to a mobile number that is unique. If the user has logged in, in-app, then you have 2 fields to identify the user – number and email (besides the host of other details).

This beats logic – can’t Myntra – now app-exclusive – send this mail ONLY to those who accessed or tried to access the app during sale days, instead of the whole solar system?

In the absence of efficient use of data – granular data that is available to Myntra – I can only assume that they are trying a brand new marketing technique in this case – ‘apology marketing’! It is the act of apologising to a lot of unconnected, uninterested and unrelated people preemptively and use the preemptive sympathy generated to get more new folks to try the app!



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