So, we have more stuff to droll over…other than the iTablet from Apple, which, at this point, merely sounds like a bad medicine. Nexus One went official sometime ago. But, as with many other drool-worthy things, there’s that caveat…this darn thing is not available in our country! But Google started this sentence with a ‘Sorry’, so All Izzz Well!


But, more than this one, what really caught my attention was Lenovo’s ARM-powered (well, technically that is – brand-wise that’d be Qualcomm Snapdragonâ?¢) smartbook. It looks undernourished right now, but at least conceptualizes the age-old notebook/ netbook category afresh! Take a look at the video too! Hope at least this one makes it to India faster and gives us some respite from those netbooks that seem to be ruling the roost now!




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