HappyCowSo much has been said about Shashi Thraoor’s tweet – and it seems the twitterverse is firmly behind Mr Tharoor. Its quite ironic that the same instance of twitterati standing behind Tharoor serves as an explanation of why he was wrong in the first place.

We advice organizations on their social media policies and many of them are paranoid of getting employees to participate – not because they do not trust them, but because what they say could be understood completely out of context. We help organizations with a broad set of social media guidelines – for senior, mid and junior levels, but beyond all that, there is every chance that employee comments may ignite a fire.

As for Tharoor (or any employee within an organization), what exactly did he achieve by that tweet? Sarcasm and pun are fine, but his comment only serves in showing his fellow congressmen in poor light – and I’m not even getting into the intricate meaning behind his choice of words. He chose to be a part of Congress (however much I/ anybody hate/ like it personally) and he better abide by its stand on austerity even if it sounds farcical, at the outset.

The discussion is not about the austerity measure since most of Tharoor’s supporters use the fact that the series of austerity tactics sound superficial to defend him. From that point of view, it was quite magnanimous of our Prime Minister to defend Tharoor!

Tharoor’s sarcastic remark is akin to a company CEO talking about cutting energy consumption cost through a series of hands-on measures and a lone employee letting out a sarcastic remark about that new policy. It reflects poorly on the CEO, the company and that employee himself, who, at the cost of his organization, aims to sound like a hero and a rebel.

What’s worse…Tharoor even proves he has a better sense of humor than his fellow Congressmen! Proving all that is fine, but not at a public forum, since beyond proof, it only humiliates his colleagues. That’s not good for an/ any organization, leave alone the individual.

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