Its day 25, since I logged my complaint first. There is still no explanation from Airtel on what exactly is the problem and when it is likely to be resolved, i.e, when can I start using that number.

Meanwhile, a friend wrote to about this peculiar situation I’m in that is far more helpful than Airtel could even aspire to be.

The number – 0008004401625 – is a toll-free bridge number for a conference call facility. Ideally, a conference call service provider (in the US, at least in my case) would contact a Telco (like AT&T or Verizon, for instance) seeking a set of bridge numbers for a particular set of countries. This would be sold as a package to a client – say, an IT MNC like IBM, Dell or Oracle, who could use that package to set up international conference calls.

The cost of each package depends on the specific set of Telcos selected by the conference call service provider in each country, from the list made available by Verizon/ AT&T. So, to reduce cost, they may have perhaps chosen only BSNL in India and ignored Airtel, despite it being a leading Telco!

So, in essence, this may really not be Airtel’s mistake – what an irony!

But, where Airtel goofed BIG TIME is the fact that they did not even know any of these or explained me any of this information in all of 25 days…still counting. So, here I’m left fuming at their incompetence! Remember – this update is NOT from Airtel!

So, back to AirtHELL.



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