Airtel says: After a user crosses a mythical threshold, because he/ she has just used his internet beyond reasonable (in Airtel’s eyes) usage, his/ her unlimited plan’s broadband speed would be curtailed/ halved/ reduced for the rest of the billing period. He/ she will – of course – continue to pay the same monthly fee to Airtel.

What this means, in plain English – explained with an example: I subscribe for a cable connection. It includes a few channels which beam supposedly obscene stuff late in the night. And the cable company says that since that material is considered (by the cable company which is not responsible for content on individual TV channels) obscene, they’ll reduce the size of the screen – so, if I have a 32″ TV, the obscene parts starting 11 pm will be shown in a 12″ box within my existing TV. The objective? Since I have to squint and see stuff on TV, I’ll not bother anyway.

Very fair (use) of Airtel, huh?



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