Oh, I love this! This is a real, practical way to find and act upon opportunities…all via Twitter. Congrats to Shashi Bellamkonda of Network Solutions for recognizing the opportunity and acting upon it, so quickly. Wonder what GoDaddy’s reaction is? Also wonder what that Danica Patrick ad by GoDaddy was all about 🙂

Marc Collier’s post on the ‘GoDaddy superbowl ad pisses of people‘ story.

Update 1: Watch all the superbowl ads on AdAge! Any guess what I watched first? ;-)…what? I was just curious!

Update 2: Interesting to read Alan Wolk’s reaction to the ads..not as a man, but as an ‘offended’.

awolk @MackCollier He would have to convince me that it’s not a very big hassle. And given how low GD’s prices are already, zero incentive
awolk @MackCollier Not worth spending all that time to save a dollar or two.
awolk @MackCollier But others may have been far more offended. I’m easy 😉
awolk @MackCollier Offended by how bad they were, but agreed- I had tweeted that to you- not morally offended



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