India’s first super premium residential complex built entirely inside a clean air dome!

When living in an independent house posed security problems, Indian real estate companies figured a way to privatize security and build gated communities.

When Government-offered electricity became erratic they installed their own generators to bypass Government electricity and privatize power generation, at a cost that was willingly adopted by the house owners.

When Government-offered water supply became erratic, builder found private modes of getting water, through tankers.

Access to shops is a problem? Shopping mall inside the complex.

Schools? A school inside the complex.

Nowadays builders go into new and interesting territories.

Drinking water straight out of any tap (inside the gated community or apartment complex), like how it works in developed countries. How would the kids growing in this complex cope up with the outside world is a different question.

Raheja even has a disaster shelter (nuclear bunker) in the basement of a Delhi project!

I wonder what is next, in this spectrum?

What about air quality? Forget air purifiers that individual residents anyway buy on their own to live inside their clean air cocoon. Given how debilitatingly bad the air quality is, in our cities (see: Bengalureans, every breath you take, every move you make, PM2.5 will follow you and Air Pollution: You think Delhi is polluted? Bengaluru’s pollution levels will leave you breathless), would we see a residential project built inside a clean air dome? That is, the entire community built INSIDE a clean air dome that is powered to constantly keep the air clean inside it. That means keeping rain out too (but not sun; indirect sun seeps in, though), but if the water supply is taken care of, that’s a trade-off that residents may be willing to put up with, for the sake of clean air inside the entire complex where they can walk, jog, shop, study, work and live! And probably would hate to go out of!

This is a fairly common science fiction trope, but is yet to become a reality.

Seems improbable? I’m sure generating your own electricity for one housing complex would have seemed improbable 2 decades ago. And we used to gravitate towards areas with good water supply – now, it’s almost taken for granted that any part of the city would get access to water through means other than Government-sponsored modes.

Similarly, I doubt that a clean air dome housing complex will be impossible. There are thoughts around it already, in China, using Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) to construct the dome.

Bubbles, by Orproject
Bubbles, by Orproject
Bubbles, by Orproject
Bubbles, by Orproject

And there are brands that specialize in such domes (PDF).

Given how inventive Indian real estate companies are, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the launches a new project built entirely inside a clean air dome and charge megabucks to an exclusive few to obtain a house inside it.