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  • Shrabonti

    *gasp* You mention all the brands except the one that’s replaced Maggi for me (and I’ve tried them all too) — Ching’s Secret. It is the best! Try the Hot Garlic variant. I fell instantly in love.

    • Tried that too – all 3 variants (Manchurian, Hot garlic and Schezwan). Hated the taste!

  • Sandeep Srinivas

    As you rightly mentioned, the war is fought on distribution front. Since ITC has a very strong distribution chain, it wants to use the same to its full extent. The success of mint-o, despite the low promotions comparing to that of Mentos, can be purely attributed to ITCs strong distribution chain only.

  • Pradiptamay Saha

    I agree with you completely.
    Yippee is really very good. And after trying all other noodles I also
    believe that yippee has the right potential and quality to give a tough fight
    to Maggi.
    As a result I hope at the end we will get more tasty Maggi and Yippee both.

  • Suraj Sharma

    i love the chings schezwan flavor noodle


    it was with great interest that i prepared yippee noodles……….but in the morning my stomach was aching ,i tried this 6 times .all the times i ended up with stomach ache.i heard this comment from my colleague too.

    • imran

      my stomach is hurting since i woke up at 5:30 am, it hurts very much, this is the second time this has happened. Same with Smith & Jones. I should stop eating this shit…

  • dexter

    maggi vs yipee , the battle has just begun.

  • Mattwade

    sunfeast yippee will surely blow maggi out of competition.

    I buy yippee not because it is better but also because it is indian.Being indians,its our duty not to buy goods produced by foreign companies and i hate this domination of marketshare by american companies etc etc

    earlier i bought plain noodles and cooked it at home as there was no indian company in the market but now i can eat something i love-noodles and also not feel guilty about giving away my money to a foreigner!!

  • Vinu

    I live in bangalore. Have you tried 1to3,yumyum and feasters noodles?

  • Kindkrishna

    i like yippee very very very very very very very very very much

  • To ITC Yippe Noodles Distribution Center,
    Refer is made to your latest promtion “LOOT MAAL”
    why havn’t you included the lucky draw coupons in these
    Packs ? Only the sticker and taste maker are included
    in the packs.
    Please check and include the lucky draw coupons in all
    the ITC Yippe Noodles packs.
    Disappointed Customer

  • Santosh

    Btw….Sunfeast dark fantasy was launched first… Britannia Pure magic was launched later to counter DF…FYI…

  • rishi

    yipee is just awesome !!! my daughter is fan of yipee than maggi

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  • Prashant Rao

    Its maggie all the way! no1 can beat it. Its like apple I phone. nexus comes close but still apple is apple, yipee is Mi3 in the battle :p. the inventor of 2 min noodles Nissin Topa ramen also does not capture the market much in front of maggie. And by the way. i have tried Yipee, bland Period.