HUL vs. Emami is ‘&’ vs. ‘and’!

Now, this is getting extremely interesting.

The High Court yesterday granted interim relief to HUL in the Glow & Handsome war between HUL and Emami. Reason: it seems HUL made a trademark application way back in September 2018 and again on June 25, 2020!

Indian trademark applications can be searched publicly online, here.

I did, and what do I find?


HUL’s September 2018 trademark application was for “Glow & Handsome” – the ‘and’ represented with &.
Status? “Refused”!
Reason? I have no idea!

HUL’s June 25, 2020 trademark application was again for “Glow & Handsome” – the ‘and’ represented with &.
This is in process.

Emami’s June 25, 2020 trademark application was for “Glow and Handsome” – the ‘and’ mentioned in words.
This too seems to be in process.

In effect, the 2 companies are fighting over ‘&’ and ‘and’!

Notice the public declarations by both companies.

HUL’s front-page ad has ‘&’.

Emami’s website has ‘and’.

The Court is going to have a really interesting time in dealing with this 🙂



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