Happy birthday, young-again Karan Johar!

This is influencer marketing done really, really well!

Yesterday was Karan Johar’s birthday. And he posted 2 Instagram posts for it – one was an adorable candle-blowing video of his birthday celebration with his kids and mother, and the other was a promotional video for a product.

The product was Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour hair dye!

Why is influencer marketing done well? Here are the reasons.

1- Thanks to Instagram’s clear policies and guidelines, the promo is called out very clearly as a ‘Paid partnership’.

So, this video existing alongside his other videos of his kids seems perfectly natural and seamless. It is just normally transparent without any deception.

2- That Godrej chose Karan’s birthday was absolutely brilliant. There would be heightened attention on his social profiles (he has 11 million followers on Instagram, for context!) on his birthday and the brand uses this opportunity perfectly.

Karan has been seen in the grey-haired avatar for quite some time, particularly during the lockdown. In fact, on May 5th, he shared a selfie of his grey-look seeking father roles!

And before that selfie, Karan discussed his new grey-hair look with actor Varun Dhawan in a video conversation!

This video connects to that video and the selfie very naturally. To use his birthday to make the transition is very smart and extremely contextual.

3- The reason for the need for the dye is extended from the product category’s common notions of being mistaken for being older than what the person is. Garnier Black has been using this trope very often in its ad by reversing it – being mistaken for someone younger.

Karan frames his need from the point of view of his children calling him ‘buddhha’.

4- The video is charmingly simple and he shows genuine excitement at the transformation. He has also included very natural cues like ‘Anushka-wala’ to bring context to people’s memories of the product’s other advertising. The other cues like ‘I have never done it’ and the feeling of fear of doing it for the first time are all perfectly poised to convert normal users by thinking like them.

5- The transformation, when it is finally revealed, is mind-blowing! And it is delivered in Karan Johar-film style, with snazzy music in the background! This is very advertisement-like but seems necessary in the overall scheme of things. To be sure, this is an advertisement, but the way it has been delivered to people, in the context of a natural conversation from the influencer, in a platform where the influencer regularly speaks to his fans makes it all the more convincing.

If I had hair, I would have definitely bought the product 🙂

A job very well done by Godrej!

PS: Eva Longoria did something very similar on May 1st, for Loreal. But that effort is not called out as a paid partnership nor there is a time-specific context like that of a birthday.



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