Pratt & Whitney’s tone-deaf advertising solution to a ‘PR problem’

22 reported snags due to a Pratt & Whitney engine.

Almost all media reports mention Pratt & Whitney by name and it has become a household brand in evoking fear.

And yet, they have the temerity to go into damage control mode with the text of a front-page advertisement opening with, “Safety. Integrity”.

And it adds, “we’ll continue setting new standards in engine reliability”. The website doesn’t address anything about what people are reading in the news either.

Nothing about remedial measures.
No apology.
Nothing about proactive actions by the company to address issues that we are reading in newspapers.

Just bulldoze ahead with an advertising campaign! Why? Isn’t it at cross-roads with what the news is saying, usually in the same newspaper?

If they thought this is only a perception-issue, called ‘PR problem’ in corporate speak, they are mistaken. This is a perception issue ARISING out of the quality of their products. It’s a product-problem first, and PR-problem much later.

The remedy to this is to talk about why we should trust their engines… again. What have they done to earn our trust… again. It doesn’t help they make templatized statements about safety and reliability using paid advertising.



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