Thank you, Bajaj-Allianz, Flair Pens & Franklin Templeton. No cookie for you, SBI Life.

I have been writing about the use of Indian regional languages (other than Hindi) in advertising a LOT.

Here’s a full summary I wrote for Quartz India.

In continuation, here are 4 recent attempts from brands.

1/ Bajaj-Allianz Life Insurance

It was a 3-edition print ad campaign in The Times of India.

For Kochi and Hyderabad, they go with a Hindi headline, written in English script. But, when it comes to Chennai, it almost looks like they are scared to use Hindi. But they shun even an English headline and make the effort to add a Tamil (written in English script) headline! It’s a slightly clunky translation, but they have it in a spoken/colloquial way, as it should be, including using ‘back-up’ as-is.

2/ Flair Pens

Flair did a multi-edition print ad in Times of India on February 14th.

Most have a Hindi headline (in English script), including Hyderabad and Kolkata. Delhi has an English headline with the word ‘lightning’ spelt wrong!! And Chennai has a Tamil headline, written in English script. And it is very, very colloquial, using a cinema-style punch dialog! Though, it should be, ‘Indha Pen’e vera level’ (and not Pen’a). They took the sound of English ‘a’ (ae), but in text, it seems like pen’a (aa). Still, commendable localization!

3/ Franklin Templeton

Franklin Templeton did a multi-lingual promoted campaign on Twitter! This included the tweet text and the video subtitles too! This is a fairly substantial effort.

I’d love to know how this performed. The Tamil translation seems labored and clunky, but this is a small step in thinking about localization, so I won’t complain.

4/ SBI

SBI is the thug-life. They just don’t care 🙂 One Hindi connects all of India for them, whether their target audiences in Kolkata, Kochi and Bengaluru like it or not, understand it or not, or emotionally connect with it or not.



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