What a wonderful vertical world!

We probably didn’t consciously think about horizontal vs. vertical till desktop printing and Microsoft Word happened.

But, after smartphones came into our lives, we’re starting to see a lot more things in ‘vertical’ orientation!

There are vertical currencies now. Here are those, from Canada and Switzerland.

See: Canada’s Vertical $10 Note

There are several vertical bank/credit cards. Most famously, the fact that they are vertical was their highlight when they were launched!

Starling Bank launches vertical debit cards: New groundbreaking design reflects the way people use their debit cards.

Banking Disruptor STACK Ushers in the Future of Finance with Canada’s First Vertical Card.

STACK releases new vertical card (CNW Group/STACK)

Interestingly, I remember ‘Kotak Mahindra Bank’ launching a vertical card way back in 2008! See: Kotak launches India’s first vertical credit cards. (PDF)

We already know of vertically-oriented short videos, Facebook and Instagram Stories.

Where is all this vertical obsession heading? Here’s one indication!

Samsung held a launch event of its KX Experience Center in London which had a stacked three-story stage over 9 meters high, meant to be captured in one vertical shot/video on a smartphone!

You could exclaim that this is ‘heights’ and from a ‘vertical’ point of view, that would be perfectly appropriate 🙂



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