Will Ayush Mathur join Ankur Suman and Tara Sultana as Magicbricks’ brand ambassador?

I first noticed that interesting Magicbricks ad in The Times of India Bangalore on July 14th. It had a man, named Ankur Suman, praising Magicbricks. No big deal, but his praise was framed, in the ad’s design, to make it look like a tweet.

The very reason why I took a second glance at the ad was because of that design choice. The conventional approach would have been to use a simple blurb, without the Twitter-style DP and display name.

But notice something missing? Oh yes – the Twitter handle. They only have the display name, a Twitter-like circular DP and the tweet/message.

Still no big deal – I thought Magicbricks was only using the Twitter-like design to attract attention and the actual ad is merely yet-another model, saying things to sell Magicbricks. So I didn’t think much of it.

And then, I noticed the 2nd ad in the series on July 18th, in the Hyderabad edition (also Chennai edition) of The Times of India. It featured someone named Tara Sultana, again with a ‘tweet’ without the Twitter handle.

I then did something I should have done earlier when the Ankur Suman ad appeared – to search the name on Twitter.


Ankur Suman’s tweet (with the same DP) appears on July 15th, a day after the ‘tweet’ was used in the print ad! And Magicbricks has acknowledged it too!

Tara Sultana’s tweet appears too on the same day (July 15th), with Magicbricks’ acknowledgment! But then, how did Ankur’s tweet became an ad a day before his tweet? Isn’t that odd?

I used Twitter’s advanced search function to figure out other positive tweets about Magicbricks on July 15th. And there it is – Ayush Mathur. Now, I will wait to see if Ayush gets featured in a print ad for Magicbricks shortly.

Whether or not Ayush gets featured in a print ad, he has been featured on Magicbricks’ Twitter timeline on <hold your breath!!!> July 9th! So, just a recap – Ayush Mathur’s praise on Magicbricks is shared by Magicbricks on Twitter on July 9th, while his tweet is posted on July 15th!

The other baffling link between Ankur, Tara and Ayush, besides their tweets being posted exactly on July 15th and Magicbricks acknowledging all 3 tweets? For all 3, the praise about Magicbricks is their first-ever and only tweet.

Another baffling link? Yes! All of them joined Twitter in July 2019.

Yet another baffling link? Yes!! The backdrop (the room, wall, decor) where their photos were taken (in the DP) and in the print ad (at least for Ankur and Tara) seem very similar. Tara has a different DP on Twitter, though the DP shown in the ad version of her Tweet is the same room.

The only plausible explanation for all these coincidences: Ankur, Tara and Ayush are genuinely satisfied Magicbricks customers who were invited to the Magicbricks office for a discussion and a photoshoot. Then they signed the contract to be featured in the print ads. And then they were asked to tweet it too since they have not been on Twitter till then. Unfortunately for Magicbricks, Ankur tweeted only the day after the print ad went live, while Ayush tweeted 6 days after his tweet was quoted by Magicbricks on Twitter!

Is there another explanation?



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