Cinthol’s shave bhi, aur face wash bhi!

One of my ex-bosses, during my Corporate Communications/PR days used to say, ‘If the story doesn’t appear in Economic Times front page, in a story written by R.Subramanyam, the PR effort is not worth it!’ (for context, R.Subbu aka Rathnam Subramanyam heads corporate communications for SAP India now). This, even if the story appeared everywhere else!

Similarly, if a product doesn’t appear in my line of sight in the nearby MK Retail, the product marketing effort hasn’t been worth it 🙂

Last year in May, I discovered Cinthol’s deo sticks, in Coimbatore, at the SPAR in Brookefields Mall, and have been a fan ever since (click on the tweet date to see the full thread).

This is terribly awkward, but I seem to be discovering new Cinthol products only during my trips to Coimbatore. This trip, I picked up their Shave + Face Wash (launched in September 2018) at a large departmental store in Vadavalli, Coimbatore out of sheer impulse (and low entry price of Rs.60).

I’m a fairly big fan of the shaving gel category. I have moved firmly past Gillette’s predictable shave gel cans. My current favorite is Loreal Men Expert Shave Revolution Non-Foaming shave gel. I got it off Amazon at Rs.500+ a pop and that’s massively expensive for the category, but considering I picked up 3 variants in July 2017 and they are still with me with enough gel left, I’d say that’s not a bad deal at all 🙂

Compared to Loreal, Cinthol’s Rs.60 pack is incredibly cheap and promises 2 functionalities – face wash and shaving gel! I picked up all 3 variants available. After having tried one, I have to say Cinthol has a winner here. The lather is rich and abundant, shave quality is fantastic (with a Gillette razor and blade, of course; can’t seem to go beyond that, for now.) and it works really well as a face wash too. The fragrance is pleasant and unobtrusively classy.

I really like how Cinthol has been extending its product range beyond their iconic soaps.



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