Chyetanya Kunte. Barkha Dutt. NDTV. Grrrrrrrrr!

What an absurd move by NDTV! Nobody knew who Chyetanya Kunte was (well, a few did!) or what he blogged about. Now, the whole world knows both…and is up in arms against Ms. Dutt and NDTV. What a brilliant way to shoot yourself in the foot! I’m curious to see how other media report this news!

Plus, this issue has larger implications on what we can blog about. Can a producer sue a blogger for trashing a movie? Can a composer sue a blogger for blogging about his latest soundtrack in poor light? Why not sue Taran Adarsh if his review is not positive? Fascinating. Lets watch where all this leads to!

Terribly poor judgment by NDTV on this whole issue. And yes, completely unnecessary.

Update (February 4, 2009):
At last, at least one publication reports this news! Hats off, Mid Day!



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