Requesting Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ) to own ‘The TBZ song’, ‘In nainan mein bas zara’

I do not recall seeing the new TVC by┬áTribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ, handled by Ogilvy India – disclosure) on TV. Instead, I came across the ad online, when someone ogled, on Twitter, at the stunningly gorgeous Vaani Kapoor in the ad. I loved both the ads (‘Garland’ and ‘Shoes’) – nice, cutesy twist in both, conveyed really well in that short span of 30 odd seconds.

Then, a Twitter friend tweeted about her girl-crush on Vaani Kapoor (totally worth it!) and… this is the most important part… the song played in the TVC!


Now TVC songs do get popular as a standalone piece of music/song too. I have expressed my wish (in my other, music review blog) on brands converting a TVC jingle into a full-fledged song and offer it to a film’s soundtrack, as a reverse form of promotion (whereas usually, film songs are tweaked to fit a jingle).

More recently, Ching’s Secret created a brand new song + music video featuring almost the entire crew of the upcoming Hindi film, Kill Dil!

Oddly enough – or, as usual – the promo song is not part of the film’s soundtrack (what I had wished for, as a reverse trend). So, brands pay for featuring their products on screen in the most cringe-worthy, obvious way (Subash Ghai’s Taal is still seen as the cringe-yardstick in this case, though I hear the recent Hindi remake of Tom Cruise starrer Knight And Day, Hrithik Roshan starrer Bang Bang is a close second), but won’t do something a bit subtle as getting a jingle, strongly associated with a brand, be part of a film, in context.

Jingle composer (and film music producer) Mikey McCleary recently blended both worlds when he released an album entirely consisting of extended versons of his popular ad jingles, called TV Dinners! This effort comes at least close to what I was wishing, but still not quite there.

The point of this post, however, is not to press for jingles to join films, but to offer the right amount of respect to the musical part of a TVC, where it is right now relegated to the background as if that’s not important at all.

Consider the two TVCs from TBZ, for example.

Lovely ads, huh? And beautiful music too, huh? If you do a quick, anecdotal search in the comments section of both the videos, there are 12 and 20 comments, respectively, asking or saying something about ths song/music featured in the ads! Go to Twitter and search – there are more people enquiring about the TBZ TVC song!

It doesn’t require a sophisticated, expensive social media listening tool to arrive at the conclusion that many people seem to be interested in the song used in this TVC. The tool could perhaps quantify the interest levels, but anecdotally, at least, there IS interest.

Now, I have no idea if TBZ paid for the rights to use the song away from the TVC too. If they did, good enough; if they didn’t, they should consider it, with the song’s producer, Karan Kulkarni (who has films like Hansal Mehta’s Shahid and Vasan Peddlers to his credit. The song is sung by Divya Kumar. The lyrics are an interestingly penned variant of Khusrau’s original ‘Chap tilak sab cheeni’, where it goes, ‘piya in nainan mein’).

I do understand that the song does not talk anything about TBZ or its products at all. But it IS the TBZ song now, and it’s also unique – it has been composed exclusively for this TVC.

So, here’s what I suggest: buy the rights to the song (own it!), get Karan to make it into a full song, and release it as THE ‘TBZ song’. Where? On Gaana and Saavn for streaming. On iTunes, for buying. On SoundCloud for listening. It’s a pity that Vaani Kapoor did play a bride in her debut, Shuddh Desi Romance that came before this ad, else I’d have suggested they add this song in the film’s soundtrack too, in perfect context and call it The TBZ song in the soundtrack. If she’s playing a bride in any other film she’s part of, work towards adding the song as The TBZ song in that soundtrack.

Why should TBZ own a piece of music that doesn’t proclaim its greatness? Because people already like it, and they have heard ONLY in TBZ’s TVCs. People have in fact expressed their liking for the song vocally and voluntarily, in public. The only thing left for TBZ is to seal that association by truly owning and promoting the song. This is what social media is all about – hear what people are saying and act in sync with that, while looking for subtle and interesting ways to connect your brand to it!