What Volkswagen India should do with that massively viral ‘Thus, Auto’ meme

One of the most shared memes today (at saw it at least today!) was the one about not able to afford a Volkswagen and… ‘thus, Auto’. I have had this shared from multiple people, across multiple platforms – Twitter (many times), Facebook (a few times) and Whatsapp (many times!).

At the outset, it is a great joke and seems damaging to Volkswagen’s reputation. If not damaging, at least mocking the brand. But if I was Volkswagen’s brand manager, or their social media agency (both of which I’m not), I’d strongly suggest that they embrace this and ride it. This is real-time marketing gold.


Here’s the original that is being shared.


Here’s what (in essence) Volkswagen get created/designed as soon as possible and post + promote (for a fee) via Facebook and Twitter, preferably in a day, to ride on the joke.


Folks from Volkswagen India… if you are reading this, please feel free to use this idea. I won’t send you my bill.