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  • Aashish Kapur

    I couldn’t make out the difference b/w the two pics. It seems absolutely same. Can someone guide?

    • The pics are exactly the same. I have added something below the 2nd pic. so that VW can ride on the earlier pic and convery something about themselves.

      • Aashish Kapur

        Cool ! I get it now 🙂

  • Sarthik K

    Bore ! Stay away Volks !

  • Saritha?

    Hi Karthik. I really liked the thought but I feel that the second image could have been photo-shopped. The message in the bottom doesn’t strike an impact. For eg. “Thus Auto for 3 & Volkswagen for all”

    • Sure. My point was just a thought-starter, to state that VW should do something about it. If a creative team put its mind together, I’m sure we could come up with a really kick-ass retort to the funny meme.

      • Saritha?

        Definitely. React-advertising could be a good proposition for brands. As in the case of Snapdeal-Vim mess up case, HUL leveraged it rightly.

  • Gautham Shanbhogue

    Hello. While I do agree with your idea, I personally think this particular meme could indirectly help the brand Volkswagen to establish itself as a premium brand – like the Mercedes, BMW, Audi etc. – a status symbol that cannot be “afforded” by everyone. Just a perspective.

    • I did consider that, but the fact is that VW not just has high end vehicles, but also an entry level hatchback like Polo, that competes with so many other hatchbacks in India. If they wanted to retain their premium image in India, they would have launched a super-luxury hatchback at a price point far higher than the 5L range. That’s also why I alluded to the year-end offer on Polo and not any sedan from them.

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