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  • zaphod beeblebrox

    Got me my first “smart” phone – a HTC Desire S about 4 weeks ago. Works okay. But is kinda overwhelming given the options. And the 2 day battery life is kinda a letdown, after the 4+ days with the Nokia E52. Wireless reception, internet apps and twitter all work great on it. Don’t think I’d be comfortable with a large mobile device. The Macbook Air handles that end. 

  • Wifi and Battery are the two things I have not been happy(they can do much more when compared with other things on the same models) with Samsung models. Looks like I am not alone. Good Post. Thanks.

  • I searched for that usb wire @ nehru place in Delhi today. No go. 

  • Mahesh Murthy

    You’ll get that USB to micro USB cable at a Croma-  costs around Rs. 200.

  • Anand Swaminathan

    Try LauncherPro (free) app to customize your Touchwiz homescreens (the 7 screen thingy :)). It allows you to reduce the # of home screens and also add upto 15 scrollable shortcuts to the dock that currently allows only 5. For more details -

  • This one has really changed the definition of smart phone. This has also the most selling smart phone in the world…