This may sound like a gushing, blatant client plug, but as a smartphone user, I have to document my thoughts as I moved from Nokia’s E61i to BlackBerry’s 8520.

I’ve to admit at the outset that I have been a vehement supporter of Symbian, and my friends used to wonder what is wrong with me. My assumption was that Symbian was perfectly and highly functional. It was myopic view, at best, given that I haven’t used any other smartphone OS for a long’ish period of time, besides Symbian!

Plus, many of the following points may have been updated in newer versions of Nokia’s E series, like E71/ 72…so let me know in the comments, so I can change my opinion accordingly.

Things that really impressed me, right at the outset, in the BlackBerry:

  1. The phone charges via USB, for heaven’s sake!!
  2. The UI is highly intuitive! A but bare, but very useful!
  3. It has a ‘bedside mode’ – I don’t see extraordinary benefit in that, but it generates a child-like glee in me!
  4. The UI is blazing fast and I run tons of applications at the same time.
  5. The new touchpad navigation ROCKS! It really changes the way I do things – much faster to move from one thing to another or even scrolling web pages. The ‘click-click-clickety-click’ of E61i was a royal pain. Hope E72’s new optical ‘whatever’ addressed this.
  6. Pressing any alphabet key opens the phone book and lists contacts in that alphabet – brain dead simple, I know, but it helps! Even the way the contacts open up to reveal numbers as you hover on them…simple, but brilliant!
  7. The trackpad-dependent copy-paste seems more helpful, than the keyboard-imitating version in E61i.
  8. The mail/ messaging system is super.
  9. Entertainment!! I download stuff in DivX and copy it in the 2GB card and the damn thing just plays in the BlackBerry. No format conversion…nothing!
  10. Nokia PC Suite. Thoroughly annoying necessity. Not anymore! Haven’t used BlackBerry’s desktop manager extensively enough to form an opinion on it yet.
  11. Camera! Jeez, its good!! Just 2 megapixels, but even when I take a pic from a moving vehicle, it captures something really well. In my Nokia, all I got was a bizarre, modern art’ish, hazy blur that only MF Hussain may appreciate. Even the zoom function using the trackpad is a HUGE plus.

What feels strange…

  1. Nokia’s native browser was amazing. In comparison, BlackBerry’s native browser seems sluggish. Tend to use Opera Mini/ Skyfire/ Bolt more often.
  2. Battery life! Nokia rocks in this department. But, to be honest, it also depends on the amount of things I can keep doing in the E61i – in comparison, since UberTwitter on BlackBerry is so darn good, I’m on, almost all through the day! No wonder the battery drains 🙂
  3. In the BlackBerry, I go to ‘Manage connections’ and check ‘Turn all connections off’ when I enter a flight. It’s not a big deal, but the lack of a dedicated ‘Flight mode’ seems odd, for a business phone.