Since I’m a part of the Delhi 6 group on Facebook, I got a mail today about a video addition. The Delhi 6 song, ‘Masakkali’ sung by Mohit Chauhan with scintillating music by A R Rahman is now ‘officially’ available via the group. Good effort, but a few thoughts…

  1. This video was first made available on TV (B4U Music, if I’m not mistaken) a couple of days back and found itself ‘unofficially’ (with channel logo et all) on YouTube. So, what exactly is the value of making this available on Facebook too?
  2. Granted…not many people besides hardcore fans may have seen it on TV or on YouTube, but people joined the group because they liked Rakeysh Mehra or A R Rahman or Sonam Kapoor or Abhi junior. This group would have already devoured the YouTube video from other sources. So, why should UTV bother uploading it in Facebook, late?

Enough cribs…lets get constructive! What could UTV have done to make this outreach more impactful?

  1. The song sounds incredible and I’ve been tweeting about it to glory in my other blog/ twitter profile anyway. So, what would be of use to a music fan? How about a mobile ringtone? Yes, the rights may be with the record label, but how about getting innovative and perhaps offering a ringtone of the prelude only? Facebook members could get an exclusive, free download of the groovy prelude as a ring tone.
  2. Given the curiosity around Masakkali, the word, UTV could still start a debate on what it means and perhaps have a soundbytes at the end of the Facebook video by Rahman, Mohit, Sonam and Abhishek on what they think it means – tying it closely to the song promo would generate sure shot views and an ensuing debate.
  3. How about making the song promo embeddable? I’m not sure if Facebook allows it, but YouTube sure does. Embeddable simply means the promo spread farther, wider through a lot of Bollywood-specific blogs. CNN IBN did a very smart thing recently by making available a new track by Amit ‘Aamir’ Trivedi, protesting the Nov.26 attacks called Khuda Ke Bandey – it was embeddable and since I liked it, I gladly put it up on my Milliblog as well getting it some extra word of mouth.

While UTV is definitely doing things right, given the fact that the video was already out, there are certain things they could have done to make this effort worthwhile for fans…like me. Than just passively click the link and watch the video all over again after watching it gazillion times on TV and YouTube. The only 2 reasons why I’m spreading the word now is a. I love the song and the video and b. I run a blog on social media for Indian brands 🙂

If this was some other song/ video, UTV sure needs something more than just posting a video a day late on Facebook to get the word spreading. At least from me! Needless to add, this post wouldn’t have materialized had UTV posted the video first on Facebook…now that’s a sureshot way to get the song/ video virally popular! Think about it – even if you have a content sharing deal for promotional videos, look at ways to optimize the same content via different vehicles – a 1 minute song promo for TV; a 1.30 minute, extended promo on a Bollywood website like, say, BollywoodHungama (formerly IndiaFM); and a 1.30 minute song promo followed immediately by sound bytes by at least 2 stars associated with the film talking about the song…for Facebook fans. That way, UTV could make sure that all parties receive something unique and a simple song promo is guaranteed viewership and viral online WoM across 3 outlets!