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  • Honhaar Goonda

    In my opinion, they should have released the Masakkali promo first on youTube using their account, then they should have advertised the promo through the communities they are subscribed to and after a couple days they should have given that promo to the music/news channelwallahs.

    What is the point of having a youTube account if you are not going to use it? They have only uploaded that video on their youTube account today!

    Also, B4U, is primarily a channel for NRIs, so it could be that they wanted to screen the promo to NRI audience first?!

    Anyway, the song is good – it is Khalbali of 2009 – can’t believe it is sung by Mohit, and it is getting popular, so at the end of day it doesn’t matter much, does it? It is going to be a good year for music. First Dev.D and now Delhi 6!

  • Sriram

    Infact there is a Delhi 6 group in Orkut as well and Rakeysh has made his profile and asked the members to vote for the best movie poster. The community is about a month old and there has been no interaction with the members, no info provided, infact there are just about 50 odd people. They couldn’t even advertise their community…. 😉

    UTV should follow the MTV way, they are doing everything absolutely right wrt innovation, whether it was the Tickr or the Orkut MTV Communities and other really cool stuff.


  • Agree on what you say in para 1. The point I was making was that unlike ‘giving’ out a promo to multiple TV channels, social media requires and demands a different approach. Each community/ mode that you give out your promo to, could sure do with some creative customization to ensure that the particular community/ members gain something ‘extra’ over the others.

    So, while giving the promo to IndiaFM is merely like giving it out to B4U, uploading it in Facebook and Youtube needs that extra thought – to answer the question, ‘What am I doing here over and above what I did with B4U?’. Youtube is an online medium and could be utilized well to spread the word, than merely expecting people to click on the link and view the video. For someone who has seen the video on B4U, what am I gaining out of the Facebook or Youtube video? Could UTV think on these lines and add that little ‘extra’? Sure, why not?

    The song is fabulous, as you had mentioned – no doubts on that. I’ve already ripped the prelude and am using it as my ringtone!

  • All the ideas thrown by you make sense, especially about the meaning(and sound bytes) of “masakkali” and would have generated some buzz for sure.
    I hadn’t heard about the song till I read this post so I am not sure if it’s very popular yet.

    Different content for different mediums is actually the way to go about it.
    It helps in getting more(and new) visitors and spread WOM. As far as not uploading the song on official YouTube channel first and uploading on Fb late is concerned the core problem is lack of a SM strategy. Since there isn’t a proper strategy to go about SM promotion, you will always find such things(read mistakes).

  • Rakesh

    “Viral” Word Of Mouth ?

  • Karthik S

    Rakesh: Ouch, meant ‘online WoM’…have changed it. Thanks.

  • yash

    masakkali means â??pigeonâ? in the movie and the movement of pigeon is compared to sonam kapoor as she is the female lead.
    singer:mohit chauhan,
    lyricsist:prasoon joshi,
    music:allah rakha rahman

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