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  • Very nice analysis of the SM campaign. If despite being quite active on most social media tools and always on the lookout for something new I haven’t heard at all about the book I think the campaign wasn’t a success(unless proven otherwise).

    I agree that more than number of platforms/tools used the levels of engagement on the tools used is important. Also, has mentioned there isn’t any evidence of even slightest of creativity/out of the box thinking involved.

    Reading your post re-affirms the belief that social media marketing isn’t for everybody.

  • Karthik S

    Thanks Mayank. I loved your idea of compiling the Indian who’s who in social media – for starters, I add almost everyone (from India) who does something in social media, to my blogroll.

  • I think a list that could be really helpful to connect with like minded people and explore other possibilities. Lets spread the word and get more and more people to the list.

    A follow up comment notification plugin for wp on your blog would help 🙂