Take a bow, ASOS!

Thea Lauryn Chippendale got an insulting, completely unwarranted, unsolicited feedback about her photo in a particular dress on a dating app. She was, understandably, upset and shared that exchange on Twitter.

The brand that made that dress, ASOS, noticed the post and reached out to her.

If you were ASOS’s brand manager or communications manager, what would you do? Beyond giving her free merchandise, that is.

ASOS did something extraordinary – they added that very photo of her in that dress in their online catalog, along with other models posing in the same dress! This is a brilliant move, and really well played by ASOS!

Such small, timely and simple efforts go a long way in building affinity towards a brand!

And such opportunities at building the brand only happen when the brand is intent on listening to what people are saying (about itself and the industry in which it operates) PLUS, most importantly, having a process and intent to act on such feedback. And in this case, the acting happened on a platform beyond social media, into the product catalog itself. That also shows the extent of freedom and imagination the team handling social media has, in doing the right thing for the brand.