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  • Ravi

    The Sahara group has a history of jumping in. I am not surprised. The best they could have done was to avoid saying anything since the matter was subjudice. These one page ads underestimate the intelligence of their customers and the general public.

  • Sanjay Mehta

    Interesting perspective.
    Also remember ADAG group’s ads during the gas allocation tiff. Don’t think these are effective at all.
    By the way, Sahara and credibility? Must have been a typo… Lol.
    What is giving them anguish is that in spite of their best (PR?) efforts, they could not stop the media from publishing the story. At a time when there are already restrictions on them for raising capital from the Market and so on…they need to take lessons from Arindham Chaudhuri of IIPM about managing to not get bad press in spite of running a mess!!
    By the way, one of the Amar Singh tapes has Anil Ambani cribbing to him similarly, about why Subhash Chandra (Zee / DNA) has gone after him…thIs was around the time when airport bids were going on.

  • On the other hand these ads raise awareness about the news amongs the general public who might have missed the news in the first place.

    • I should point out that almost *every* newspaper has the news (of court issuing a NBW on him) on page 1 🙂

      They have mentioned the entire sequence of events – he being called, he dithering, his reasons, the court’s anger etc. The ads say the same thing, but in fultto filmy fashion invoking the oldest known heart-melter known to mankind – mother.