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  • I don't know how people think a campaign like this and act funny in social media space! I think it happened because of the same approach to social media as they do for traditional campaigns. Your previous blog title tells the whole story. Full stop 🙂
    Btw, what Dove did was smart, very smart!

  • Sriram Iyer

    Agree with you entirely when you say there isn't much to talk about shampoos. I mean how much of discussion can anyone have? It will be more like a 'question and answer' session about hair care. And after a while things are going to get boring. There are some brands that don't really need to be on the social media space, eg: Parle G is on twitter- only 42 followers and last tweet on Jul 14th- there is no purpose for them to be there in the first place.

    It's like those Indian movies where the hero & heroine be living in rural India and sing and dance in Switzerland because it's hep, even though they don't correlate with the movie anyway.

  • Yaju Arya

    I don't care about what others felt… I thouroughly enjoyed reading your post.

    Also, the shampoo didn't highlight one important aspect – would it have any side effects on my hair?
    This is one very important aspect which I'd look into before changing my brand.