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  • Can totally relate to this. There has to be something for the blogger/local star to take away too than just selling themselves out.

    Moreover, such a relation should be quid pro quo rather than gifts/cash for blogging. Give it time to fin tune itself, niche bloggers would appear who would find it is in accordance with what they blog about.

  • I would love to sit down with chilled beer on a lazy Saturday afternoon and discuss these hidden names with you 🙂

    I have seen loads of these supposed Bloggers Outreach programs recently. I even have an example where bloggers were specifically told to included specific keywords and phrases in their posts for SEO purposes, because the agency was delivering just on SEO parameters.

    I kinda felt sad for the agency because when I asked them the reason for this absurdity, they replied that 'Yeh India hai! Sab chalta hai .. and besides our client wanted this. Not creativity and conversations'

    One platform which is doing blogging well is Indiblogger <Disclaimer: They are our business partners @ Superchooha>

    I like Indiblogger because they are very transparent. Very passionate and oldest community. Almost all genres. From dance to biking to painting. And they run branded contests / campaigns based on creativity.