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  • I am in the process of completing a SMM exercise in its true earnest for a Bengali (Indian vernacular) movie with an excellent director and starcast.
    I had built up a captive community of over 1500 members in one single forum. I was raring to go for even higher numbers with innovations by roping in people from other forums.
    I knew from start that people would start asking me very soon about my true identity. I revealed my true identity and merged it as a member of the crew seamlessly. I gave out all my contact details.
    Members from various forums appreciated my frankness. We have had close to 20,000 interactions. The film did very well in the box office and earned rave reviews from the mainline media.
    The point: The best option for us SMM consultants would be to gel well into the clients scheme of things while revealing a watered down version of our own identity.

  • Good point. As long as we sound and seem relevant across any identity, I’m sure our revealing of the true identity would perhaps only evoke respect (that we’ve been honest and relevant in each role) and not annoyance.