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  • well said, karthik! even as traditional PR offered opportunities to be a company spokesperson – albeit unofficially most of the times, as you represented the client to stakeholders, primarily the media – the opportunities to cement deeper relationships with clients in the current environment are vast.

    an important related point is about capabilities. i dont see many PR professionals here using social media as smartly as you do. given the risks involved in social media with its forest-fire reach, getting it seriously wrong for the client will get a PR pro thrown out well before the extinction, that fuat kircaali refers to, catches up with them!

    i hope agencies recognise this opportunity and make adequate investments in understanding new media, developing capabilities and also getting clients to appreciate its importance.

    for those reading and agreeing with this comment, a good way to begin that learning process would be to follow @beastoftraal and @Text100India on twitter!

  • That’s quite a glowing comment – I’ll try and live up to the expectation that Surekha has set here for me!

    BTW, Surekha: Really like the way you tweeted about commenting here – it not only spreads the word about this blog post, but also communicates (through the comment) your point of view, to your followers.

  • Kathik,
    Great blog post. I recently wrote a post very similar to this post titled: PR and Marketing Pros – Unlearn Your Trade or Get out of the Way! I’ll take a different stance on this and provide a different perspective – as an agency, you should ALWAYS think like and be the client by becoming a strategic thinker and always thinking about ways to position and message the company in the right way when developing pitches, releases, bylined articles, or posting on various social media channels. What social media has done is introduce new ways to reach a broader audience beyond your traditional media such as influential bloggers and analysts. There is that one side where you can execute on the PR tactics across social media channels, but where the skill really comes in handy is providing strategy leveraging social media tools and corporate blogs to reach your target audience. A lot of businesses are looking to adopt SM into their business. Agencies – be it PR, marketing or advertising need to understand how they can take campaigns to the next level using these new channels and understand the impact and core objectives. In addition, agencies can be a powerful means of influence by serving as an extension to Twitter influence by RTing clients social media efforts and pitching using Twitter.

    Do you agree?

    Cindy Kim

  • Hi Karthik

    This is a very insightful piece. And believe it or not there are many PR professionals who are beginning to discover the power of networking….some even branching out to make this a specific vertical within the industry. Though I do hope more people in the PR industry get smart and start raising the count of the number of people who know how to use this new facet of the field to ensure that the count matters.

    Surekha- Hi! Connect with meâ?¦we used to work together in IPAN (Berger paints and wine bottlesâ?¦remember ?)

    Warm Regards