Hands and feet

In September 2020, I stumbled upon 2 ad films that focused on a body part and seemed diametrically opposite!

McDonald’s German ad film by the agency Track was framed using the most obvious behavior change of our lives in recent times – our fear of touching anything, in the fear that the COVID virus could get in our hands, and affect us!

So we started using things like keys, pens, elbows, bags’ pointy parts and so on to ‘touch’ what we otherwise would have, using our hands. The narrative exaggerates our fear of touching really well, focusing on our hands all the while and ending with a cat’s paw too! Some of the exaggerated scenes offer a good laugh – the trapeze artist and the football goalkeeper, in particular 🙂

The film ends by explaining that you can touch your own smartphone confidently… to order food from McDonald’s online! I felt the closing was corny, but it does make sense, practically. Though, you could wonder if the food that arrives is okay to touch!

The opposite of this McDonald’s ad was a French ad film.

TĂ©lĂ©foot is a French pay television channel. The ad film by Ogilvy France focuses on building up the many, many benefits and beauty of the human feet, in complete contrast to the McDonald’s ad that focused on the hands for a very different reason!

Ogilvy’s script is almost poetic, with fantastic lines that sound like a love poem to the foot!

After explaining the many facets of the wonderful body part called foot, the script finally closes in on the money shot – “But of all the prowess a foot can do, the greatest of them all is football!”.

I felt the closure in the TĂ©lĂ©foot film was a bit more appropriate (in relation to the narrative build-up) than the McDonald’s film, but both films use humor to confidently build whatever they wanted to sell and make for enjoyable viewing, focusing on 2 body parts!



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