Questions. Questions.

Two ads.
Both from France.
Both from October 2020!

The connecting thread?

First off, Mustela, a skin-care brand meant for babies, children, and pregnant women.

Their ad film, by the French agency Fanfare, uses questions as a narrative device to propel the film. There are a series of questions that parents ask themselves, and the set of questions is very well thought-through – good copywriting. The questions are a combination of things that Mustela could address (“How come your skin is so dry?”, “Is this bottle recyclable?”, “Organic avocado, but what about the rest?”) and big-picture questions like “What type of world will we leave our children?”, “What type of children will we leave this world?”.

Mustela presents itself as a brand that gives straight answers to the big questions parents have about raising kids.

The second ad film is by Intermarché, a French supermarket chain.

Their ad film, by the French agency Romance, uses questions as a narrative device too. This time, the questions are being asked to parents, by children! One child and his parents, to be specific. If Mustela’s mild humor was created by the parents’ general sense of wonder about their children, this film’s child’s questions are about his sense of wonder about the world! And the humor in this film is more pronounced, right up to the end where he asks something that most kids ask parents on an everyday basis and stump them by the sheer monotony and predictability of it 🙂

IntermarchĂ©, understandably, presents itself as having the answer to the toughest question of all – the last one!

So, questions by parents about their children, and questions by children to parents… same narrative device, but they go in different directions for different purposes.



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