Paint, art, frame, TV, and paint!

I came across a recent outdoor campaign by a paint company, Orani, by the Swiss ad agency SibeSiech. The idea is remarkably simple – frame (pun unintended) their painting as frame-able art!

The creative device used is see-through art frames.

The idea seemed incredibly simple… and very familiar to me. I was sure that an Indian paint brand has already done this. After a bit of search, I found it!

Asian Paints Royale had the same idea, thanks to Contract Advertising, in the late 1990s – using a see-through art frame to mount (pun unintended) their painted wall as art.

Not just that. In 2003, the Brazilian agency DPZ used the same idea for their client Duratex, for the product Durawall Wall Coating. The idea? See-through art frame!

Orani’s 2020 idea is in that line, with no change, and that too in the same product category!

But where things get really interesting is when Samsung, that has nothing to do with either paint or art, gets into both!

In 2017, Samsung launched what they called ‘The Frame’ that was designed to enhance the ambiance and décor, beyond functional as a television!

What you see above are not art frames but Samsung TVs acting as art!

The Frame can be mounted on the wall like a picture frame or painting without messy cables and has a brightness sensor to adjust to ambient lighting and blend into the interior. It also has a motion sensor to detect people’s movement, turning The Frame into power-saving mode when there is no one in the room and turning it back on when someone enters!

Not just that. In October 2020, Samsung took things up a notch by actually launching a paint collection! Yes, Samsung launched 6 new paint colors to complement their 3 Lifestyle TVs: The Serif, The Sero, and The Frame.

So, we started with paint brands using a see-through frame to heighten the effect of their products on our walls, in a demonstration of advertising creativity… and ended up with a technology/ device company entering the paint industry to heighten the effect of their products on our walls, beyond advertising, in a demonstration of technological imagination!

The connecting thread in all these efforts – art frame!



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