An unusual decision influencer!

In marketing, advertising and sales, we have the concept of decision-makers and decision influencers.

For instance, in the famous Old Spice 2010 campaign, “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” by Wieden+Kennedy, the decision-makers were men, but the decision influencers, and to whom the ads were targeted were the women.

Most products meant for kids are targeted at parents too (using points that appeal to them – Maggi’s, or Kinder Joy’s ‘health angle’, for instance, is targeted at the parents, while the taste and free toys are focused on the kids) since they’d be the ultimate decision-makers, while the kids are the decision influencers.

In most B2B marketing, the decision-makers are likely to be the C-suite, while decision influencers would be the manager-level folks.

For example, this 2015 direct-mailer campaign by Ogilvy Bengaluru, for client Lenovo, primarily targeted IT decision influencers (and also some CXOs) as an activity to convince them about how quiet and silent the ThinkPad is, and they, in turn, influence the decision of their organization’s CTO/CFO to opt for ThinkPad.

Given this context, here’s perhaps the most interesting decision influencer – your pet dog!

Vet chain FirstVet created an outdoor campaign with posters that pet dogs could smell during their walk and go towards. That arouses the curiosity and attention of the pet owners!

Here is that ‘smelly’ poster!

And here’s how they did it!

This was the poster, that was discovered through smell by the pet, and hence discovered by the pet parent!

Very clever idea by Swedish agency Shomei.

This obviously may not work in India where many other stray dogs may reach the specially-smelling promo!



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