Now that the whole world knows a lot more about ladies undergarment colors… I don’t need to explain it again. Here’s a good gist. Without getting into whether it was worth it or if it really helped raise awareness of breast cancer…let me share something relevant and interesting.

I’m reminded of something that happened about a decade back, in India.

One of India’s leading mango drink brand, Frooti, decided to relaunch with a big bang campaign. They launched a massive teaser in mainstream media (print, TV, billboards, you name it) with just the information about a character named Digen Verma – the spots talked about how Digen spends his time, who his friends are and more such blah.

A day before Frooti ad agency (Everest) had planned the big unveil, The Times of India swooped in with an almost-full page ad which just had a huge family photo, and said that this family, which includes Digen Verma, in 2nd row, 3rd person is a loyal reader of! This was a brilliant ambush by Indiatimes’ agency, McCann Erickson 🙂

See: Parle, Everest manhunt for Digen Verma ends | Who’s that guy? 

But what happened at least a fortnight before this is more personal and interesting…

I was discussing Digen Verma with my cousin brother since he’s in advertising. He said he’ll give me an inside scoop and said Digen is nothing but ‘Digital Generation’ and is intended as the launch of Apple Computers in India. He was of course pulling my leg, but gullible me went around mailing all and sundry that I knew what Digen Verma was all about…it spread so well, just on email, even back in year 2001, that after a 20 day period, it came back to me as a chain mail with tons and tons…and tons of mail IDs in ‘To’ 🙂

So, could this cancer awareness thingy been manufactured by someone, who thought this intriguing-but-pointless viral could be put to some use – just a thought!



4 thoughts on “What does Frooti and Apple have to do with the colour of a bra?

  1. We have attempted a similar reciprocal movement on FB. The men are supposed to post the number of days they have been wearing un-washed undies. 😉 And yeah, don’t let the ladies know! 😀

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