PS: I was working on this list for the last 2 weeks and should have posted it as and when I had at least 2…I happened to see Gaurav Mishra‘s update on the same this morning. Can two lists survive? Why not?

01. fastrack
Tweeting since January 10, 2008
Following: 1862
Followers: 359
Average tweets per month: 30+

  • Solid, theme-based engagement
  • A lot of tweets on activities around fashion and lifestyle associated with the brand
  • Prompt in responding and an active retweeter too!

02. dnaindia
Tweeting since November 28, 2008
Following: 592
Followers: 365
Average tweets per month: 275+

  • Started tweeting on Mumbai terrorist attacks
  • Lots of news updated (not necessarily breaking) sans link to DNA!
  • Responds to queries quite promptly

03. fhmindia
Tweeting since October 16, 2008
Following: 101
Followers: 39
Average tweets per month: 50+

  • Tons of FHM-related news and updates
  • Generous in linking to the index page of FHMIndia, not to the relevant pages
  • Very limited retweets or responses

04. infosys
Tweeting since September 26, 2008
Following: 2
Followers: 76
Average tweets per month: 30+

  • Liberally links to relevant content from Infosys website or blogs
  • Is following Mr.Tweet – seems like Infy is interested in improving its tweeting performance
  • Hardly a link to an outside website/ blog

05. wipro
Tweeting since April 15, 2008
Following: 2
Followers: 64
Average tweets per month: 3+

  • Has a customized background of their office
  • Cross-posting a lor of their press releases
  • Zero retweets or responses

06. Virgin Mobile – thinkhatke
Tweeting since March 19, 2008
Following: 80
Followers: 153
Average tweets per month: 10+

  • Responds to tweets like a superstar
  • Uses a terribly shady, pixelated logo
  • Is smart enough to use the caption as tweet handle instead of the obvious

07. ColorsTV
Tweeting since December 19, 2008
Following: 70
Followers: 6
Average tweets per month: N.A

  • Uses tweets to promote programming content
  • Too early to comment, otherwise

08. indiatimesnews
Tweeting since November 28, 2008
Following: 30
Followers: 28
Average tweets per month: 30+

  • Seems like a hasty attempt to encash on the Mumbai attacks – started tweeting about the attacks by linking to Indiatimes news homepage
  • Logo is cut, fragmented and incomplete

09. ibnlive
Tweeting since June 2, 2007
Following: 0
Followers: 538
Average tweets per month: 160+

  • Twitter superstar from India and perhaps one of the earliest tweeters in the country
  • Tweets breaking news regularly
  • The lack of it following anyone makes it look very one-sided/ top down

10. delhidaredevils
Tweeting since April 8, 2008
Following: 200
Followers: 67
Average tweets per month: 50+

  • Stopped tweeting on May 29, after they lost a crucial match!

11. bangaloremirror
Tweeting since April 16, 2008
Following: 168
Followers: 152
Average tweets per month: 30+

  • Lots of responses
  • Uses many other modes like Twitterfox to tweet, besides web
  • Predominantly links to a lot of stories from Bangalore Mirror – all direct links and not to the index page

12. livemint
Tweeting since November 27, 2008
Following: 0
Followers: 35
Average tweets per month: 70+

  • Direct links to many stories from Livemint online
  • Lack of it following anyone is interesting/ strange
  • Zero responses and retweets so far

13. MSN_Bollywood
Tweeting since April 17, 2008
Following: 84
Followers: 86
Average tweets per month: 35+

  • Direct links to stories in MSN India’s Bollywood section
  • Very few responses/ retweets

14. carazoo
Tweeting since July 9, 2008
Following: 1994
Followers: 504
Average tweets per month: 125+

  • Covers the automobile industry fairly well
  • The number of tweets it follows (in proportion to the number that follow its own tweets) shows that Carazoo is really interested in listening
  • Uses Twitpic well to share car photographs

Updated on January 5, 2009

15. iXiGO
Tweeting since September 9, 2008
Following: 251
Followers: 181
Average tweets per month: 85+

  • iXiGO’s CEO, Aloke Bajpai is the tweeter
  • Lots of travel-related tweets and relevant plugs to blog posts in iXiGO as well
  • Sporadic comments on competition too (Cleartrip lays off 22!)

16. IndianIdolLive (Sify)
Tweeting since September 17, 2008
Following: 831
Followers: 296
Average tweets per month: 20+

  • Sify’s Official Indian Idol page seems to be handling this activity
  • Generously promotes the show, not much of a conversation going on, though.
  • No inside scoops, but links to some opinions about contestants back to the site – good idea!

17. LiveJournal India
Tweeting since June 3, 2008
Following: 1615
Followers: 275
Average tweets per month: 105+

  • Liberally cross posts blog updates from LiveJournal members – is that of any relevance to the Twitter feed followers? Nope!
  • Started with only non-Indian posts but the tone has since changed to completely India-relevant tweets presently
  • Is seen piggybacking on traffic generating topics like Bollywood movies, cricket (even Ranji level!) and politics

Updated on January 11, 2009

18. Big Oye
Tweeting since January 8, 2009
Following: 1165
Followers: 94
Average tweets per month: N.A

  • 3 updates? For a new website started in Dec. 08/ Jan. 09, by Reliance ADAG to compete with IndiaFM (Bollywood Hungama), that seems reasonable! Lets see how they use twitter going forward.

Updated on January 23, 2009

19. Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (Kolkata)
Tweeting since December 16, 2008
Following: None!!
Followers: 27
Average tweets per month: 15+

  • Starts with a question if IIMC is the first management school in India with a twitter account!
  • Has some plug about IIMC Internet Solutions Group created website called Jokatimes!
  • Decent enough updates – but nothing useful or helpful. Merely syndicates content from other places via twitter.

20. Mata Amritanandamayi
Tweeting since August 16, 2008
Following: 1 – Mata Amritanandamayi herself!!
Followers: 276
Average tweets per month: 225+

  • First Indian God-man/ God-woman on Twitter? Wow…! Following only one soul…Amma herself. Not a very social concept.
  • Has a lot of blow to blow details of Amma’s travels – looks like its by someone very close to Amma and is constantly on twitter instead of reciting bhajans.
  • What is the point of tweets like darshan started…satsang begun…singing bhajans…guiding shani pooja…? Feeling remotely divine and religious? Utterly fascinating use of Twitter!

Updated on February 2, 2009

21. Matrubhumi (tip: @manuscrypts)
Tweeting since January 27, 2009
Following: 3
Followers: 86
Average tweets per month: Too early to say, but in the 7 days they’ve started tweeting, they’ve more than 140 tweets!

  • I have no idea! Its in Malayalam! Trust the Keralites to go places!
  • A colleague…obviously from God’s Own Country tells me they’re tweeting breaking news. Figures!
  • Hats off – first Mallu twitter profile?

22. CARIndia
Tweeting since October 22, 2008
Following: 302
Followers: 128
Average tweets per month: 9+

  • Very limited tweets – need to be more active
  • The mention on fuel price cut seems very human and helpful
  • Minimal conversations – could do with a lot more.

23. bikeindia
Tweeting since September 29, 2008
Following: 330
Followers: 157
Average tweets per month: 25+

  • Focused, bike-related tweets
  • Very helpful – covers biking and related issues like loans and finance schemes
  • Sounds passionate and indulges in a lot of conversations

Tweeting since February 2, 2008
Following: 421
Followers: 240
Average tweets per month: 25+

  • Typical styled socially relevant tweets
  • Were a self-confessed bot earlier – now a lot more human
  • Lot of relevant Mutiny linking and active conversations

25. RadioVerve
Tweeting since October 22, 2008
Following: 1006
Followers: 268
Average tweets per month: 7+

  • Very sporadic tweets
  • For an indie music station, needs to prmote a lot more artists than Raghu Dixit and Swarathma alone
  • 7th tweet asks followers to promote Radio Verve! Yeah right! Be helpful first, folks!

26. EventsBangalore
Tweeting since January 23, 2007
Following: 6
Followers: 436
Average tweets per month: 17+

  • Jan. 2007? Wow…this must be one of the oldest Tweeters around!
  • What a local events site should be doing – relevant plugs to lots of Bangalore-based events
  • Following just 6 people – very limited conversations…seems more like a bot pushing info.

Updated on February 10, 2009

27. Cinnamonteal
Tweeting since June 1, 2008
Following: 72
Followers: 65
Average tweets per month: 14+

  • Cinnamonteal is one of India’s better known print-on-demand services
  • Limited tweets, but the quality of tweets has progressed from personal (about the company) updates to a larger, industry-level update
  • Good conversations, lot of references to the publishing industry in publications/ blogs across the world…showcases the interest they take on their industry and the attempt to build a focused community online.

28. Cleartrip
Tweeting since November 6, 2008
Following: 0
Followers: 139
Average tweets per month: 100+

  • Solid use of Twitter…I’m impressed. Fantastic combination of replies, useful info not falling in their domain, about competition and dialog with competition too!
  • The blog listed in the Twitter profile again demonstrates a similar character – not just their industry updates, but also other interesting stuff like challenging established norms, a primer on RSS, web typography and so on. Very human, very engaging.
  • Though the fact that they do not follow anyone is strange/ disturbing…they do listen! Tweeted about their Train Finder UI, since I found it really impressive…and they responded. Brilliant.

Updated on February 12, 2009

29. IndiaFM (BollywoodHungama)
Tweeting since June 11, 2007
Following: 0
Followers: 303
Average tweets per month: 140+

  • Merely syndicating the RSS feeds on Twitter – dumb, one-way broadcast!
  • The first few tweets surprisingly are in Urdu text and link to pages from BBC Urdu! Wonder who was behind this and why!
  • Going by the number of people they follow (Zero!), I don’t think they’re keen on having any kind of conversation. What’s the point of using Twitter as a RSS feed broadcaster? Beats me!

30. India Today (tip: @nikhilnarayanan)
Tweeting since February 2, 2009
Following: 220
Followers: 19
Average tweets per month: Too early to comment.

  • Every post has a India Today link – seems like a model based on IndiaFM above.
  • But, they are following 200+ people in the 10 days since beginning – that holds some promise.

Updated on February 18, 2009

31. Acer India
Tweeting since December 14, 2008
Following: 81
Followers: 42
Average tweets per month: 60+

  • First PC brand to tweet out of India?
  • Largely self-centered tweets (understandably), linking assorted online Indian media that refers to Acer’s updates.
  • Some decent conversations underway, besides a few human-tweets like the one about Bangalore autos and Facebook.

Updated on April 13, 2009

32. Naukri

Tweeting since March 10, 2009
Following: 310
Followers: 227
Average tweets per month: 50+

  • Good blend of job-specific and industry-update tweets.
  • Very limited links back to Naukri website.
  • Quite a bit of conversations with people!

33. MTVIndia
Tweeting since September 29, 2008
Following: 30
Followers: 819
Average tweets per month: 45+

  • MTV-specific tweets, with very limited links.
  • Tons and tons of relevant conversation – the lopsided following/ followers number is proof enough.
  • Lot of pointless, personal tweets – that shows more about the person incharge of tweeting than MTV the brand!

34. The Hindu

Tweeting since February 13, 2009
Following: 22
Followers: 506
Average tweets per month: 1,150+ (!!)

  • Non-stop barrage of news tweets linked to (what else?) The Hindu.
  • Almost excluisvely posted via web – not using any client – yet!.
  • A combination of and full, direct URLs is strange!
  • Zero conversation.

35. Reuters India
Tweeting since March 7, 2009
Following: 5
Followers: 1,383
Average tweets per month: 36,700+ (!!!)

  • There are so many tweets per day that its sheer abuse of Twitter :-).
  • Uses its own URL shortener instead of relying on other services.
  • No conversation at all and seems like a auto-tweet mode, posting story tweets as they go live in the website…pointless, epic #fail!



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