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I’m Karthik S – a seasoned and garnished communications professional having seen the client and agency side of corporate/ employee/ media communication for almost a decade. I spend a lot of time every day tracking new updates in the world of social media and compulsively attend to my 2 other, reasonably popular, music-related blogs – ItwoFS and Milliblog. As a veteran music blogger, I get pitched with music/ movie related news/ new titles very often. I use that experience, along with my day job as a PR/ communications professional to arrive at my own unique (sometimes abrasive?) opinions.

Now, what the heck is Beast of Traal? The full name of the beast is Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal. According to the most definitive guide of our times, the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal is…

…arguably the most insanely idiotically dense creature in existence. It believes that if you can’t see it, it can’t see you. Therefore, if you are faced by the horrid (yes, horrid, in spite of its intelligence, or lack of) Beast you should wrap your towel around your head (you do have one, don’t you!?) to TEMPORARILY ward off the Beast’s voracious appetite and furious… fury… sorry. Yes, temporarily. The Beast WILL eventually realize its mistake and find you.

While the parts on appetite and towel are beside the point, the ‘if you can’t see it, it can’t see you’ part is incredibly valid for Indian corporates/ brands…that’s exactly how they seem to behave with social media 🙂

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  1. meenakshi
    meenakshi at | | Reply

    hey… was just doin a research work for my consumer court topic in coimbatore when i tumbled to ur blog… it sounds interesting for presenting a report on.. if u don’t mind can u mail me the details and have u applied at the consumer court for this.. i would be really glad if u cud help me out and especially if u have anything interesting regarding coimbatore. thanx

  2. Karthik S
    Karthik S at | | Reply

    Unfortunately, I haven’t approached the consumer court any specific issue, yet.

  3. Rohan Koshy
    Rohan Koshy at | | Reply

    Hi Karthik,

    Your blog on bharatstudent was an interesting read.

    I am a trainee journalist with the HT in Delhi and am doing a story on social networks. I was wondering whether I could perhaps discuss this with you.

    Do drop me a reply at rohankoshy@gmail.com.


  4. shilpa
    shilpa at | | Reply

    hey .. follow u on twitter … and have been reading some of your posts as well. wanted to check with u if u have any statistics on current number of facebook andtwitter users in India? as a sum and as percentage of global numbers. need this for an article … would be really helpful! thanks a ton.

  5. Snehal
    Snehal at | | Reply


    You are an amazing writer. Read two of your blogs. If you do get please do read my blogs and mail me snehal.blogger@gmail.com with useful tips.

  6.  | IndiaSocial.in
     | IndiaSocial.in at |

    […] sharing observations/learnings from the episode. In a blog post Does Cafe Coffee Day really suck, Beast of Traal highlighted how the biggest issue facing CCD was â??the lack of a leader in the mob protest on […]

  7. Ramjee
    Ramjee at | | Reply

    if you canâ??t see it, it canâ??t see you — Ha ha.. bang on. I loved the story behind name. chanced on the blog on leela- cyclist issue and loved every post i read( 5 today).
    Keep going and need I say you rock.

  8. Shankar Chelluri
    Shankar Chelluri at | | Reply

    Interesting analysis of BP and Social Media. Nice to know & read Indian Communications Professionals also commenting & using SM well. Am also a communications professional based in Hyderabad with 17 yrs exp in journalism, PR agency & Corp. Comm. and currently debating whether scout for a job or be on own. Read my blogs on communications industry in India on http://schelluri.wordpress.com

  9. gabacus
    gabacus at | | Reply

    If you cannot it, it cannot see you! Most of humanity believes it. Deeply programmed in us since childhood. The peek-a-boo games are based on it.

  10. Dvijiprasad
    Dvijiprasad at | | Reply

    Hi Karthik,

    Have been following your posts with interest for a while now. Am keen to connect up and hear your thoughts on corporate identity work on digital media, as distinct from user commendations on product or service.

    Vijayalakshmi, Head Corp Com, Murugappa Group

  11. Manva
    Manva at | | Reply

    Hi Karthik. Wanted to check your interest on a Social Media to be featured on your blog. Can ypu drop me an email on manva@whitemarquesolutions.com. Thanks

  12. Srividya Raghavan
    Srividya Raghavan at | | Reply

    Hi Karthik, I am a professor of marketing at a well known B-School. We have just rolled out a course on Online Marketing and would like to discuss if we could have talks on Flipkart as well as on social media marketing. Is there some way I could discuss this further. Drop me a mail at: srividyar@ibsindia.org. Thanks

  13. Angela Carson
    Angela Carson at | | Reply

    Hi, I’d like to send you an email but don’t see your mail ID here… could you please email me so I have it? Many thanks! -angela

  14. Nidhi Agarwal
    Nidhi Agarwal at | | Reply

    Hi, dont seem to find your email id. Can you please share the same with me.

  15. Dmitry Teybash
    Dmitry Teybash at | | Reply

    Hi, could you please share your email?) Thanks!)

  16. Ditesh
    Ditesh at | | Reply

    Hi, I’d like to send you an email but don’t see your mail ID here… could you please email me so I have it? My email address is diteshray@gmail.com Many thank,

    1. Karthik Srinivasan
      Karthik Srinivasan at | | Reply

      traalbeast at gmail dot com

  17. Beatriz Hernández
    Beatriz Hernández at | | Reply

    Dear Karthik S,

    My name is Beatriz Hernández and I get in
    touch with you because we are developing an advertising campaign where we would
    like to count with your participation.

    If you are interested in, please write me back and I
    will tell you more about the project.

    Best regards,


  18. artika raj
    artika raj at | | Reply

    Hi Karthik,

    Hope you’re well. I works at ashoka.org and have been wanting to get in touch with you for a while. Tweeted too! Help?

    Thank you.


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