Real-time is dead. Long live 'My time'!

Real-time is dead. Long live ‘My time’!

1998 “Hello! My name is XYZ. I’d like to complain about…” “I’m sorry about your experience. Could you please help me with your ABC number?” 2005 Dialling a number. “Triiiinnng. Triiiinnng”. “Good evening! Welcome to the IVR of Ajax Inc. Please select an option from the following menu” “Your call is important to us, please hold on” “Your call will… Read more →

Nexus 6 - a month later...

Nexus 6 – a month later…

I bought this new Nexus 6 almost on a whim. I have been wanting to change my phone (from Samsung Galaxy S4) for no specific reason other than the fact that I was getting bored with the earlier one I had. It went a bit sluggish after an year+ of usage, but I did a factory reset and things were… Read more →

Of generic and meh-level loyalty cards and membership programs

Of generic and meh-level loyalty cards and membership programs

I generally offer a polite and insistent ‘No! Thank you!’ when the billing clerk asks me about a loyalty program/membership card. My general opinion about membership programs in stores like Shopper’s Stop, Westside, Croma etc. is that it is largely pointless. Today, my wife heard the magic number (Rs.400 off on our bill) and was mildly interested in indulging the… Read more →

An unintentional social experiment with Kit Kat and the image of India’s night sky during Diwali from space

As a annual fan of that fake Indian-night-sky-during-Diwali-from-a-satellite pic, I was waiting for it infiltrate our timelines this year too, on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. I even enquired if it has started, yesterday. What time are the satellite-images-of-India-during-Diwali pics slated to infiltrate our timelines and on Whatsapp? ? Karthik Srinivasan (@beastoftraal) October 23, 2014 Then, a thought struck me. The… Read more →

You on Twitter = The Times of India? Well… not quite. Hmmm… perhaps!

How do film makers/actors promote films normally? Print ads in leading newspapers? TV ads? Posters seem to be an outdated mode of promotion these days, but I’m sure they still carry a lot of value in smaller towns and cities in India. Digital advertising (banners, YouTube takeovers), including a dedicated website/microsite, pages on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc…. Read more →

Suarez’s apology – Facebook vs. Twitter

I was curious to see the relative reach between Twitter and Facebook, particularly after that viral tweet comparing the Snickers’ reach on Twitter vs. Facebook, for the Suarez update. So, here is another Suarez update for comparison – his apology, on Twitter (2 tweets, in 2 languages) and on Facebook. Facebook: Twitter: So, on Facebook, his fan base was 7,910,771… Read more →