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Community management lessons from the Lonely Planet Facebook brouhaha

Community management lessons from the Lonely Planet Facebook brouhaha

The sheer irony is that the photo that started it all looks so serene and peaceful! This is how it started and degenerated, for the record. I noticed Navdha Dhingra’s tweet last evening. This one: I was curious why Lonely Planet India deleted her comment and banned her. So I asked the question too, to them, on Facebook. And asked people… Read more →

Kudos to Manivannan, MD Bescom, for pathbreaking use of Facebook!

You may have read about Uttar Pradesh police using Twitter, last week in this blog. Here’s an even more inspiring social media usage from a Government official. Manivannan, IAS and Managing Director of Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Ltd. is on Facebook and is doing a phenomenal job. What does he do? Nothing dramatically different from say, Anand Mahindra on Twitter…. Read more →’s black day on Twitter? I don’t think so.

So conducted a Twitter contest. There are Twitter contests every day, these days, like IPL matches. It’s a simple enough contest: It’s as banal as it can get. Zero imagination and perhaps intentionally pandering to lowest common denominator to get maximum entries and also trend the hashtag. But, that’s hardly wrong – it’s just one way to do a… Read more →

4 questions about Disney India’s #DisneyQ quiz on Twitter

I was forced to take a fairly confrontational stand on Twitter, today. Courtesy Disney India’s #DisneyQ quizzes. The idea seems fairly solid – get reasonably influential (based on follower count, I’m assuming) Twitter users to act as quiz masters and let them ask questions, curate answers and announce winners. Disney awards the winners to close the loop. I quite like… Read more →

How NOT to use Twitter for an online campaign – the Classmate example

This morning, as I scanned my @mentions, I found this bizarre tweet from a handle called ‘classmatemanoft’! To put it mildly, it was…oh wait, before I get into rant mode, need to add a small real life story. We have all been exposed to ‘newspaper inserts’ in India, right? You get your Times of India/Hindustan Times loaded with small, usually… Read more →