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Indian airport security frisking and what it does to people

Being a frequent flier, one of the things I notice keenly, much to my amusement, is how people behave during the airport security check. No, India is nowhere near the TSA-level frisking, but there’s something massively amusing about how people react to the Indian airport security frisking. Here are some of the broad categories that I have noticed so far…. Read more →

Angiogram…a love story!

So I had chest pain last Sunday, was rushed to a nearby hospital and was lodged at the ICU for over 24 hours. Since all usual tests returned normal results (including BP, ECG etc.), I was asked to do an Echo test and Stress test (on the treadmill – called the Tread Mill Test). And the cardiologist at the nearby… Read more →

The 20-step guide to eating at Saravana Bhavan, Mylapore (Chennai)

If you know what a dosa means…or how sambhar tastes like, you don’t need any introduction to the Saravana Bhavan restaurant chain in Chennai. Or any of its worldwide branches. But like in social networks, there are rules to entering and eating in a Saravana Bhavan outlet. Here’s the first attempt at listing those rules. Note: These rules were formulated… Read more →