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Food for thought on Freshmenu's magazine, Food For Thought

Food for thought on Freshmenu’s magazine, Food For Thought

I tried FreshMenu’s Dragon Noodles with Veggie Dumplings 2 weeks ago, while in office, and loved it. I immediately made a note to order it once at home since my wife and son would love it too. So, last Sunday, we ordered lunch from FreshMenu and yes, everyone loved the dragon noodles. While delivering the order, the delivery person also… Read more →

The power of words, as a cycle - literally, notionally and literally

The power of words, as a cycle – literally, notionally and literally

I read Max Barry’s novel Lexicon 2-3 years ago. It was a fascinating read about an exclusive, secretive school where students are taught to harness the hidden power of language to manipulate the mind. Literally, they learn phrases, which, when uttered, makes people do things! They manipulate people using words, very very literally (unlike politicians who do it figuratively). All… Read more →

The Mann Ki Baat marvel

The Mann Ki Baat marvel

Without getting into the good, bad, right or wrong of the Narendra Modi Government, one thing I’m massively impressed with is his communication strategy. I wrote about one facet of it, in 2014 (Is the Narendra Modi Government’s use of social media really transformational?), but let me mention about another facet, in context – Mann Ki Baat. What started as… Read more →

Stars - from TV to movies to OTT?

Stars – from TV to movies to OTT?

We still fondly recall that Shah Rukh Khan started with television (Fauji) and then became a superstar in films. Then, for the longest time, moving from TV to films was the norm. Even today, we talk of Sushant Singh Rajput moving successfully from TV to films and Karan Johar is planning to launch some TV star in one of his… Read more →

Smartphones as a brand-agnostic commodity?

Smartphones as a brand-agnostic commodity?

I’m hugely into science fiction. Or, as the current terminology goes in the US, ‘I’m bigly into sci-fi’. Across books I listen to (audiobooks is my favorite mode of book ‘consumption’ given the amount of time I spend on Bengaluru roads) and across the films and TV shows I opt to spend time on. There’s an amusing ‘aside’ to this… Read more →

IndiGo's apology 2.0

IndiGo’s apology 2.0

Addendum: Added a flowchart at the end of the post (before the Air India related note) to extrapolate (based on publicly available perspectives on what and how things went wrong), to showcase the points which could have diffused the situation from becoming this big a mess. Inspiration to create the flowchart came from Anant Rangaswami. This is the video. IndiGo… Read more →

The CTV frenzy of the 90s v. mobile phone brand wars now

The CTV frenzy of the 90s v. mobile phone brand wars now

I was getting out of Bengaluru Airport earlier this week and found myself staring at a steady onslaught of billboards selling mobile phones. iPhone X, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi… no other product category had so many brands advertising in a single stretch. I then, completely randomly, remembered a very good looking businessman from the 1990s in India, but his name escaped… Read more →