I’m a communications professional with 2 decades’ experience in creating, building and managing perceptions of brands across the agency (Ogilvy, Edelman, Text 100) and the client/corporate (Flipkart, Subex Systems) side.

I now am an independent communications consultant working with brands and agencies on their communications-related needs. I also conduct corporate workshops on assorted communications-related themes.

1. My main workshop is for corporates, meant for senior professionals in identifying, nurturing and managing their online brand. It is a one-day, highly-interactive, personalized workshop that helps senior professionals start on their online personal branding journey immediately, with a definite plan and goal. For this workshop, I bring my 20 years of experience in managing many individual and corporate brands, online and offline, and the experience of creating and managing my own personal brand over the years.

If you head HR or L&D in your organization, do get in touch with me (email: 6times9@gmail.com) to know how this workshop can super-charge your senior leaders in taking their personal brands online.

2. Communications consulting for organizations: I work with organizations (corporates, start-ups and NGOs) to help them plan their communications strategy, across,
– identifying & building communication narratives
– digital/social media communication/marketing strategy
– content marketing strategy
– crisis communications planning and strategy

3. Workshops on,
– media training for media-facing senior professionals
– corporate story-telling
– building a communications strategy
– planning & building a communications cadence

Do get in touch with me (email: 6times9@gmail.com) if you have any other customized communications-related requirements.