Obvious and non-obvious predictions for a post-coronavirus world

(in no particular order):

  1. Increase in interest in home buying, moving away from asset-less, rent/lease mentality.
  2. Increased package-size for FMCG products, from sachet-style to monthly-stock sizes (India-specific).
  3. Cost of homes goes up, due to reduced labor force in cities (India-specific).
  4. Internet-based classroom attendance in schools and colleges becomes a new default to plan for and execute.
  5. Expect digital cash to be the new default; paper cash to be the anomaly.
  6. Default internet speeds double (India-specific).
  7. Hand sanitizer and Hand wash become FMCG superstars/cash cows.
  8. Expect more brands in the hand sanitizer category, including Amazon Basics and Flipkart/Big Bazaar/More’s own brands (India-specific).
  9. Sale of laptops, home PCs and tablets pick up dramatically all over again.
  10. More offline bank branches shut (India-specific).
  11. Increase in sale of video cams (with mikes) that could be attached to smart TV to turn it into a video conferencing device.
  12. Pay-per-film (or pay-per-title) offer of new movies on streaming platforms/satellite TV (boxes) within 1 week of theatrical release.
  13. Theater tickets to be priced a LOT more (as a luxury product) due to far lesser demand.
  14. Home delivery of alcohol to be opened up finally (India-specific).
  15. Gmail adding a way to send video email – a video of you talking about what you’d have written in an email. Bells and whistles include multi-lingual subtitles.
  16. Gmail adding an option to call on video along with email.
  17. The resurgence of virtual reality all over again. The ability to visit famous locations in the world virtually (particularly for must-see venues from countries most severely affected), and virtual worlds where people meet each other frequently getting out of the ‘gaming’ world and becoming common and regular.
  18. The death of more and more retail outlets, all moving towards shop online, get delivered at home model.
  19. The rapid rise of drone-based delivery, across the world.
  20. Internet being declared as a basic right and essential commodity across the world, in almost every country.
  21. More homes being planned with a home-office that includes a dedicated video conferencing facility.
  22. Dramatic rise in production and sale of personal protection gear (PPE) that are purchased and used more like umbrellas.
  23. Ride-hailing companies redesigning their fleets to ensure a covered back cabin, away from the driver’s cabin.
  24. Doctors and nurses elevated to the status of soldiers and army.
  25. Medical science taking the aura of IT/Computing in terms of choice of education for students/children.
  26. Immunity will be the new medical, food, exercise and health superstar.
  27. Many print newspapers will finally stop the format and go completely digital. They’d also explore formats hitherto unknown, beyond ‘web’ version or epaper.
  28. Ebooks and Audiobooks will become the default, almost making printed books extinct.
  29. Many progressive countries would keep remnants of the coronavirus-led lockdown alive (Like one day a week, month, fortnight lockdown) in order to let the environment heal.
  30. The Western world would finally start adopting health faucets as a default.
  31. There’d be a new single time for the whole world, something that Swatch tried long ago (and it failed).
  32. Telemedicine becomes as default as searching for a nearby doctor’s or hospital’s phone number on Google.
  33. International air travel becomes all the more cumbersome with most flyers asked to fill multiple forms for every travel.
  34. Anti-viral coating is discovered and used in multiple products immediately – smartphones, clothing, door/car handles, paints, among others.
  35. Family activities see a massive resurgence all over again, after many years of individualistic activities. This means more family movies, family games, both board (physical and video), TV shows, among others.
  36. Demand for affordable large-screen TV skyrockets.
  37. Demand for home projectors increases significantly.
  38. Home salon/haircuts become highly demanded.
  39. New kinds of dishwashers that can help clean Indian utensils are invented/created and become highly demanded. (India-specific).
  40. Pop-up backgrounds for video calls are created and sold to great demand.
  41. Most shops and establishments retain the social (physical) distancing markings and continue to enforce it.
  42. Airlines, for the first time in their existence, reduce the number of seats per plane to enforce social distancing. This increases ticket prices and also legroom and personal space!
  43. Queues are taken seriously almost all through the world.
  44. Many thieves and perpetrators around the world escape getting caught by threatening to cough over their captors.
  45. There is an increased interest in migrating to countries that are less affected, from those that are most affected.
  46. Fitness trackers include more metrics by tweaking their devices, to include body temperature, blood pressure among others.
  47. The luxury goods industry collapses.
  48. India’s villages get filled back again and a new village-based economy starts to flourish.
  49. Some countries could merge, against the current trend of splitting.
  50. Research in robotics accelerates to start making available personal robots that we control from home, can go out on our behalf and get things back into homes.