Volkswagen’s anti-Hollywood series

In 2014, Volkswagen released the “Made for real life, not the movies” series, made by the agency Adam & Eve/DDB and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson (of Resident Evil fame). The 3 films use a typical Hollywood movie template, one that we all are very familiar with and then throw in a twist that perfectly demonstrates a feature in the car.

The features are for user safety, but they come in the way of Hollywood tropes. So, even if the car doesn’t let those ‘stars’ complete their tasks, the way the cars help the drivers is the series’ highlight, making you consider them positively – after all, you need that safety in real life, even as you are ok with those stars performing those make-believe stunts on screen.

Volkswagen created an extension of this series in 2016, called ‘Not made for Hollywood’, once again made by Adam & Eve/DDB, but this time, directed by Nick Gordon.

This series focuses on technological features in Volkswagen cars that are meant for user convenience (unlike safety, last time). Once again, all the 3 films have a twist that goes against established Hollywood tropes and even acts as a terrible annoyance in one, while placing people in danger in the other 2… but all in good fun!

Hugely watchable and enjoyable films that also showcase one of the car’s features memorably in context.

In the first one, the one I liked the most was ‘Chase’ – the scene where the chase gets slowed down by the car’s anti-skid technology made for some laugh-out-loud moments 🙂

But, more than the first series, I really liked the second one. There’s a lot more subtle, ironic humor in this series, particularly the one featuring the aliens and the one where the lead character is trying to find himself, with a voiceover explaining his inner state, and being rudely interrupted by the car 🙂