Classified creativity

Hey, what an idea!!

Ricardo Gareca, the coach of the Peruvian national football team, announced after the 2018 Russia World Cup, that he was going to Argentina, where he is from, to think about whether he would renew a new contract with Peru or not. Most Peruvians wanted him back. Movistar, the official sponsor of the Peruvian national football team decided to give voice to Peruvians’ sentiments and get Ricardo’s attention.

So, with the help of their agency VMLY&R (Lima, Peru) they bought 100 classified ads in ‘Clarin’, the most read newspaper in Argentina, so that it would occupy the same space than a full page, but with far, far, far less cost.

This is literally hacking a print newspaper! How come no brand has considered this in India yet? πŸ™‚

Pics courtesy @sir_gerson on Twitter.

Earlier, smarter use of classifieds section in print newspapers:

1/ Criterion Knives: Clever use of the classifieds section, to make a contextual point about their product! It does take some time to ‘get’ it, but when you do, you tend to remember the brand and it’s USP for their chutzpah (in using such a unique medium). By Ogilvy, Colombia.

2/ Zomato: The brand that’s always in the news one way or the other, using the matrimonial classified section of The Times of India on July 28.

“Well-settled, smart and loving brand looking for those who can’t cook” made me literally laugh out aloud πŸ™‚ It uses the same template of entries in this section of the newspaper, with a cheeky twist in the end. It’s also an ingenious poke at the oft-used ask in matrimonial ads – “should know how to cook”.

I did wonder if people may miss this ad since it looks like every other ad in this section. But, the kind of people who pore over these entries, they go through it (because of their specific need) very diligently, often with a pen in the hand, to highlight some entries that they want to pursue. I’m assuming that would be a LOT of people. All of them are human enough to want food to eat too. And this cheeky and funny distraction amidst other serious entries may stand out significantly, I reckon… enough for them to perhaps crave for something and order on Zomato πŸ™‚

3/ Flipkart Flyte: More of an in-joke by the employees of Flipkart and less of marketing or advertising πŸ™‚ This was an obituary to Flyte, Flipkart’s now-defunct mp3 site, as a classified ad! Image courtesy, Sailen Ghosh.