Here comes the moon…

Note: Today is Chandrayaan-2’s moon landing!

Of the many brands that used the 50th anniversary of moon landing recently (from whatever I noticed), 2 efforts really stood out for me.

One was from Google that had a Google Doodle (fully expected), and a video behind the doodle, when clicked. What can one say about the moon landing 50 years ago that has not been said (enough) and still make for an interesting watch/read?

This is where Google wins the narrative game – they focus on the 3rd person on the moon landing mission, besides Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin! Many people (besides dedicated quizzers) may not even know there was a third person. That person is Michael Collins, the one who had to stay behind in the command module, to bring all three astronauts back to Earth! Imagine his state – he went into the orbit to and came back as the man who could have landed on the moon, but didn’t!

I’m really glad Google realized the importance of Michael Collins and made him the primary narrator of this video. Wonderfully simple, but immersive animation and Michael’s perspective as the man who was left behind makes a huge difference!

The 2nd brand use of 50th anniversary of the moon landing that I really admired was from Volkswagen, through the agency Johannes Leonardo, New York. Their comparison of our collective focus in 1969, towards a world away from Earth, and the focus now, towards our own planet (for good reason because we seem to be completely messing it) is brilliant!

And connecting that shift in focus to their own electric line-up is a masterstroke because it comes on the back of genuine concern.