No Name, but exudes phenomenal attitude!

I had written about 2 interesting brands last year.

A Canadian device skin brand called dbrand that oozes abrasive attitude on social media (particularly Twitter) and stays on-character.
See: Can your brand swear and generally be abrasive on Twitter? This brand does, successfully!

A brandless brand that’s literally called ‘Brandless’.
See: Would you buy a tube of unbranded toothpaste? Or unbranded chocolate? Unbranded shampoo?

Here’s a combination of both – a Canadian brand that has no brand (though, the name, or the lack of it, IS the brand!) and exudes phenomenal attitude on its website and on Twitter!

It’s called ‘No Name’ and sells only offline (unlike Brandless that sells online) through offline retail stores in Canada.

Their website is hilariously straightforward, with very practical and useful gems.

I loved the part about Simple Check symbol that promises products made without 10 specific ingredients – this is an idea that’s ripe for Indian users too.

And their Twitter feed is a hoot! They pick one prominent word from their product packaging and build on it for the tweet. This is a remarkably consistent use of smart humor to tell their story!